The New Era of Education

STEMs from Us

Learn STEM education (a new type of educational structure and content) in school with your teacher or at home by yourself using Eqstem's interactive E-STEM solution.

EQSMART Curriculum

Eqstem offers STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) educational content. Our courses include Young Roboticists Alpha (YRA), Young Technologists Alpha (YTA), and Young Engineers Alpha (YEA).

Educational programs to support and enrich global common curriculum

Eqstem's STEM curriculum is developed and designed to support and enrich global common curriculum: NGSS (USA), BNC(UK), IB (International Students), & TIMSS and PIRLS (International Students), CSTA, and ITEEA

EQSTEM Online Courses

STEM Educator
Training Course

Learn Coding & Robotics and

become a STEM Educator.

Help Young Kids Love STEM!

Advance your career.

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Robotics STEM Educator Level 3

Coding STEM Educator Level 2

Coding Course
for Parents and Educators

Parents & Educators, Teach

your Kids to Code. Learn How

to Teach Math Through

Coding in a Fun and Engaging

Way. Enroll Today!  

Teaching Math with

Scratch Coding! 

Robotics and
Coding Tutorials
for Kids 


Learn basic coding and robotics

skills using our step-by-step

tutorial videos. Our trial

videos are available for free.

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EQSTEM Tutorials for Kids!

Our Vision

Eqstem® Core Values


Our core values signify that true innovation comes from

students confidently collaborating with others with

optimistic goals in mind to contribute to their community and the world. 


Technology knowledge is not the core focus of Eqstem’s curriculum. Rather, they are the tools through which we are planting the seeds of creativity in young minds to help them develop a fresh perspective to look at problems.

This new perspective will live beyond basic coding and robotics skills we provide through our programs by enabling young learners to have a curious, optimistic and imaginative attitude throughout their learning journey.

Kim Jung Ah (Christina)

Founder and CEO

We are Creators. Creators at Eqstem think about what education

should be like and work together to develop and market a differentiated STEM educational content to help our young learners become

creative thinkers. The New Era of Education STEMs from Us.

Our Team

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